Client: SOLO Water

Technology: Schneider Modicon PLC’s, Brodersen RTU’s, MOXA Ethernet Switches, ClearSCADA. Grundfos Water Booster Skids, Danfoss Drives, Wedeco UV Unit, Huber Screens

Witthoft Engineering in collaboration with Solo Water, proudly developed a safe, sustainable and reliable solution to provide a high-quality supply of potable water, recycled water and sewerage services to meet the needs of the community and local environment at the Beaches development at Catherine Hill Bay, New South Wales.

Witthoft Engineering established a series of client Standards;

  • Scope of Work Documents
  • Plant PLC Standard
  • SCADA Standard and Plant Operators Manual
  • Electrical Operations & Maintenance Manual
  • Pressure Sewer Unit Pump Station Standard
  • Potable Water Transfer Station Standard

Electrical Design

Witthoft Engineering designed a small purpose-built switchboard to control a small pressure sewerage pump station. The sewerage pump station collects the waste from up to 4 housing lots and pumps it into the pressure sewer network to the Recycled Water Treatment Plant. Each pump station has 2 x E/ONE grinder pumps. Solids are ground into fine particles that pass easily through the pump which aids the treatment process upstream. The considerable advantage of using a pressure sewer network over a conventional gravity system is that it significantly reduces the size of the treatment plant required to treat the wastewater.

Control System

Witthoft Engineering developed a monitoring and control system (MCS) which consisted of a ClearSCADA system with a duel Primary and Secondary cutover servers. 105 Pressure Sewer Pump Stations all communicate using DNP3 protocol via a protected private fibre ring.

A Bulk Water Pump Station also designed, tested and commissioned by Witthoft Engineering transfers potable water several kilometres away via a private pipeline directly to reservoirs located at Catherine Hill Bay.

All lots in the scheme are serviced using a pressure sewer system. The pressure sewer units (PSU) service up to four housing lots and are owned and operated by Solo Water. Each lot connects to the PSU via gravity from the customer connection points provided during construction of the subdivision. The ultimate capacity of the network has the ability to service 1620 EP. The pressure sewer master plan drawing is provided in the figure to the right.

Each pressure sewer unit has its own switchboard and is controlled by a Brodersen RTU. Each RTU communicates to the network via a redundant fibre ring managed at the Recycled Water Treatment Plant.